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Have A Rodent Problem? Time To Fight Back!

The Rodent Blaster HS-1 Hot Shot Remote® is our Heavy Duty system that eliminates problem rodents that eat, chew and destroy our yards. It uses a precise mixture of propane and oxygen with a remote detonating device to exterminate the pests that live in underground tunnels and burrows quickly, safely and humanely without any dangerous poisons or traps. It is safe for the environment and will not harm pets and wildlife unlike dangerous poisons and traps. The cost to operate the Hot Shot Remote is only pennies per blast.

Full 3 Year Limited Warranty. On Sale Now $1699

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Best Gopher Control System Available.

  • HS-1 Heavy Duty Complete Kit Includes
  • Remote Ignition Detonator with 20 Foot Remote Detonator Cord Handle (30 foot optional)
  • Blast Gas Injector
  • (2) Victor Torch Control Valves Flash Check Valves
  • Victor High Quality Oxygen Regulator
  • Propane High Quality Regulator
  • T-Grade Dual Fuel Gas Hoses ( 25 or 50 foot available )
  • Safety equipment
  • Operators Manual
  • Full 3 Year Limited Warranty NEW
  • Part # RB-12275 $1899

  • On Sale Until Friday $1699

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** Outside of California

* Regular Priced Units